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Tessa Blanchard wins CMLL women’s international Grand Prix

Tessa Blanchard came, she saw, she conquered in CMLL. Blanchard was the star attraction brought in to compete in the women’s international Grand Prix (Oct. 27, 2023), and she took home the trophy in victory. In addition, seeds were planted for a potential world title feud involving Blanchard.

Blanchard competed in the CMLL Grand Prix de Amazonas in a torneo cibernetico format. Teams were Mexico versus the World:

  • Mexico: Amapola, Lluvia, La Jarochita, Reyna Isis, Dark Silhueta, Skadi, Hera, & Andromeda
  • World: Tessa Blanchard (USA), Mei Suruga (Japan), Sumie Sakai (Japan), Makoto (Japan), Johnnie Robbie (USA), Stephanie Vaquer (Chile), La Catalina (Chile), & Zeuxis (Puerto Rico)

The nitty-gritty came down to two remaining members apiece. Blanchard and Vaquer had a showdown with Lluvia and Jarochita, who currently hold the Mexican National Women’s Tag Team Championship. Tag team chemistry was on Mexico’s side, however, Blanchard pulled a timely trick of strategy. As Lluvia was running the ropes, Blanchard hooked her foot to pull the luchadora out of the ring. Vaquer capitalized with a backbreaker to pin Jarochita for elimination. Lluvia fought tough, but she couldn’t overcome the numbers advantage. Blanchard pinned her off a hammerlock DDT.

Blanchard and Vaquer were the survivors for a World victory, however, there can only be one winner. Blanchard and Vaquer squared off to determine ultimate glory.

The teammates threw heavy shots in the spirit of competition. Blanchard seized the moment with a flying Codebreaker and a hammerlock DDT to win the Grand Prix.

Blanchard besting Vaquer is particularly interesting, because Vaquer has possession of the CMLL Women’s World Championship. Blanchard now has bragging rights that CMLL could roll over into a future title shot, if all parties agree.

Check out the full Grand Prix highlights with all eliminations. It also shows the pomp and circumstance of this great event. CMLL goes in with national pride as the army plays the Mexican anthem. This has an effect to get the crowd real hot and invested in the outcome rooting for the home team.

What’s your reaction to Tessa Blanchard winning the CMLL women’s international Grand Prix? Would you be interested in seeing Blanchard challenge Stephanie Vaquer for the championship?

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