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NWA Roundup: Samhain PPV full card preview EC3 world title fight, Max The Impaler wins belt in Japan, more!

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Let’s soak in the jolly freshness of the National Wrestling Alliance in anticipation for the Samhain PPV on Saturday night (Oct 28.) from Cleveland, OH. It’s Halloween season, so the NWA is rolling with a variety of diabolically violent stipulations.

The Samhain PPV lineup includes:

  • NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship: EC3 (c) vs. Thom Latimer (with Kamille) in No Limits
  • NWA World Women’s Championship: Kenzie Paige (c) vs. Ruthie Jay
  • NWA World Tag Team Championship: Blunt Force Trauma (c) vs. Mike Knox & Trevor Murdoch in Knights of the Round Table match
  • NWA National Heavyweight Championship: “Thrillbilly” Silas Mason (c) vs. Chris Adonis in Burning Lake Brawl
  • NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship: Colby Corino (c) vs. Joe Alonzo in Pillar to Post match
  • NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship: Ella Envy & Kylie Paige (c) vs. Natalia Markova & Taylor Rising
  • Violent J & The Brothers of Funstruction vs. Vampiro & La Rebelión in Riddle Box match
  • Kerry Morton & Alex Taylor vs. The Headbangers in Rock ‘n’ Roll match
  • Jax Dane vs. Blake Troop in submission match
  • Judais, Max The Impaler, Alex Misery, “Magic” Jake Dumas, & Cody James vs. Sal the Pal, Gaagz the Gymp, Koa Laxamana, Dak Draper, & Big Strong Mims in Devil’s Last Dance Ultimate Hardcore War
  • Matt Cardona vs. TBA

The Samhain pre-show includes:

  • NWA United States Tag Team Championship: Daisy Kill & Talos (c) vs. JR Kratos & Odinson
  • Samantha Starr vs. Missa Kate vs. Tiffany Nieves vs. Celeste in #1 contender bout for NWA Women’s World Championship
  • Brady Pierce vs. Rush Freeman in Loser Leaves NWA
  • Jordan Clearwater, AJ Cazana, & KC Cazana vs. Zyon & The Outrunners

The Samhain PPV live stream will be available through Fite TV.

EC3 is drawing out the worst in Thom Latimer’s emotions to bring out the best of Latimer as an opponent. Tensions escalated into a sneak attack chair beatdown by Latimer at an Exodus Pro event, thus the anything goes No Limits stipulation. Latimer won’t be alone. He’ll have an insurance policy watching his back. Kamille will be looking after her husband to keep EC3 honest. The insurance policy role was coined by Nick Aldis when he brought Kamille into the NWA.

Kamille won’t be wrestling on the PPV. Her sole focus is ensuring Latimer leaves with the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship. The Brickhouse has only had one match since losing the NWA Women’s World Championship to Kenzie Paige. Kamille roughed up Madi Wrenkowski to stay sharp on Powerrr. Kamille dodged an axe kick from Madi to crush a spear for victory.

The other major feud for Samhain is Mike Knox & Trevor Murdoch chasing the NWA World Tag Team Championship. The duo beat Blunt Force Trauma to win the Crockett Cup, but they haven’t been able to replicate that success for the titles. The main hindrance is manager Aron Stevens always coming up with a way to cheat in helping BFT retain the gold. That might not be the case this time. Billy Corgan banned Stevens from ringside. That doesn’t automatically mean a fair fight. Stevens might use his master thespian skills to pull a fast one at the right time.

On the punk rock tip, Vampiro is bringing in Jerry Other, son of Jerry Only, from the Misfits to manage his trios group in a clown fight against a team led by Insane Clown Posse’s Violent J.

Moving across the world to Japan, Max The Impaler became a double champ by beating Rika Tatsumi in title versus title on October 9. Max now holds the NWA World Women’s Television Championship and the Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling International Princess Championship. NWA posted the full match for your viewing pleasure. Tatsumi almost slayed the beast with a sleeper. Switching to a dragon sleeper was her mistake. Max powered up to drop Tatsumi for a piledriver. Max delivered a crushing lariat to win.

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