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CMLL Roundup: Tessa Blanchard speaks on women’s Grand Prix, La Catalina wins universal championship, more!

Let’s catch up on CMLL news from the lucha libre world.

CMLL is firing up for the women’s international Grand Prix on Friday night (Oct. 27) in Mexico City. The big story is the inclusion of Tessa Blanchard for the world team. Blanchard spoke about the opportunity in a team interview on CMLL Informa. She feels blessed to be chosen for the Grand Prix. She has wrestled around the world, and this will be her first time in Arena Mexico. Tessa is proud to follow in her father’s legacy in the country. Tully Blanchard once had a match at Stadium Azteca in 1983.

The format for the CMLL Grand Prix de Amazonas is a torneo cibernetico. Participants for each team include:

  • Mexico: Marcela, Lluvia, La Jarochita, Reyna Isis, Dark Silhueta, Skadi, Hera, & Andromeda
  • World: Tessa Blanchard (USA), Mei Suruga (Japan), Sumie Sakai (Japan), Makoto (Japan), Johnnie Robbie (USA), Stephanie Vaquer (Chile), La Catalina (Chile), & Zeuxis (Puerto Rico)

The Grand Prix event will be available for live streaming through Boletia and their video service with Neerme.

CMLL crowned the women’s universal champion. The Campeonato Universal de Amazonas is a yearly prize in its fourth edition for the women’s division. La Catalina (aka Carolina and Katrina Cortez in WWE & NXT) and Zeuxis both won a torneo cibernetico to earn the honor to compete for the universal title. Catalina survived a pumphandle driver, and the tide turned when Zeuxis missed the target on a moonsault. Catalina surged with a double underhook facebuster. The Chilean landed a flying splash for victory.

Past winners of the Campeonato Universal de Amazonas include Dalys, La Jarochita, and Lluvia.

Jumping back in time to CMLL’s Night of Champions, there were two title changes. Disturbio, Apocalipsis, & Cholo triumphed over Dulce Gardenia, Espiritu Negro, & Rey Cometa to win the Mexican National Trios Championship (highlights). Los Indestructibles worked a triple submission for victory. Stephanie Vaquer defeated La Catalina for the vacant CMLL World Women’s Championship. Vaquer achieved success via backbreaker.

In other Night of Champions matches, Mistico retained the World Historic Middleweight Championship over Virus (highlights), Barbaro Cavernario retained the CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship over Esfinge (highlights), Mercurio retained the CMLL World Mini-Estrellas Championship over Pierrothito (highlights), and Titan retained the CMLL World Welterweight Championship over Mascara Dorada. Enjoy these slick moves from Titan and Mascara Dorada.

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

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