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MLW Fusion recap: Executive producer Salina de la Renta delivers special treat

Salina de la Renta was large and in charge as executive producer of MLW Fusion episode 188. La Empresaria pushed her power to book matches, drop bombshells, and deliver a special treat.

In true Salina fashion, the opening package featured her Promociones Dorado cohorts.

The first order of business was Jesus (Ricardo) Rodriguez introducing Salina to the crowd. Ichiban interrupted angling for a title shot against Rocky Romero for the MLW World Middleweight Championship. Salina decided to give Ichiban a match, except it was against Rodriguez. Alberto Del Rio’s former hype man actually wrestled with real moves, as opposed to being a comedy goof. Ichiban rallied with a jumping flatliner to win.

Afterward, Ichiban was jumped by Romero and Janai Kai. Romero executed a suplex onto an open chair.

Backstage, Salina announced the first match for Fightland on November 18. Romero will team with Barbaro Cavernario from CMLL to wrestle Ichiban and Mascara Dorada 2.0 from CMLL in tag action. Bomaye chants interrupted Salina’s concentration, so she grabbed a knife to go stab some fools.

Salina delivered a treat to air footage of Romero defending the World Historic Welterweight Championship against Volador Jr. from earlier this year in CMLL. MLW showed extended highlights with cool moves galore. Romero was victorious via armbar. Volador tried to escape with a powerbomb, but Romero maintained the hold and rolled through to crank harder.

Salina showcased the new women’s featherweight champion, Janai Kai, with a hype package for the Kick Demon.

Backstage, former champ Delmi Exo confronted Salina. La Bruja laughed off the God Queen. Exo is determined to get her rematch. The scene transitioned to Salina meeting with Mister Saint Laurent. MSL traded covert MLW documents, which can be used for extortion, to Salina in exchange for MSL being named promoter of the One Shot event on December 7. MSL was also granted a title shot at anytime for his WTF wrestlers.

Over to Mance Warner for some drinking and thinking. He was chilling with Manders in preparation for the Second Gear Crew’s tag title bout tables match next week against The Calling. Salina strolled in with strong words (unfit to print) for Ole Mancer. Their bad blood has not been forgotten. Jacob Fatu joined the powwow to share cold beers with SGC.

Salina’s final act on the evening was a bombshell main event for Fightland. She traded barbs with Alex Kane.

Salina closed with the announcement that Kane will defend the MLW World Heavyweight Championship against Jacob Fatu at Fightland. Oh me, oh my!

The episode wrapped with a promo video from The Calling before the title bout next week. Rickey Shane Page believes his reign with the MLW National Openweight Championship will last forever. The nail that sticks out gets the hammer. RSP eyed Akira while saying that. The Calling talked a good game, but they don’t seem to be on the same page.

This episode wasn’t much in terms of wrestling, however, it was still worth watching for MLW fans. Salina de la Renta was front and center the entire show to provide amusing entertainment. I really like how MLW folded in the CMLL highlights. Those are the kind of perks that make the new alliance feel legit. Salina closed with a bang by booking Alex Kane versus Jacob Fatu. As far as I’m concerned, La Empresaria earned the right for another executive producer turn.

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