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Sermon on the Mat (Oct. 26, 2023): IGB, Freelance, Limitless, & H2O cards;

Plus free matches from WR, AIW, & H2O!

Poster for Stan Stylez Intergender Bonanza 17: Hallocream Havoc Stan Stylez Intergender Bonanza on Twitter

Welcome back to the Sermon on the Mat, your weekly one-stop shop for news from the wider world of wrestling beyond the big cable TV monoliths that get all the coverage.

Coming soon...

Stan Stylez Intergender Bonanza 17: Hallocream Havoc (Oct. 26, 8 pm ET)

  1. Katrina Creed vs. Marc Angel
  2. Abbs vs. Mr. Ooh La La
  3. Adena Steele vs. Xavier Cross
  4. Duncan Aleem vs. Steve Scott
  5. Amazingly Sweet (Alex Maze & Kristara) vs. Chris Bradley & Kristian Ross
  6. Darien Hardway vs. Zayda Steel
  7. Dyln McKay vs. Shannon LeVangie
  8. Sexxxy Eddy vs. Stan Stylez (Creamy Combat Match)
  9. Marcus Mathers (c) vs. Su Yung (IGB Championship)

C’mon, not only is Su Yung working this one but you got Sexxxy Eddy in a... Creamy... Combat... (fans self)

Check it out live on IWTV, folks!

Freelance Dead By Dawn (Oct. 27, 8 pm CT)

  1. Brandon Gore vs. Craig Mitchell vs. Dan “the Dad” Adams vs. Darius Latrell vs. Davey Bang vs. Sabin Gauge (Scramble Match)
  2. Jordan Oliver vs. Koda Hernandez
  3. Shazza McKenzie vs. Xia Brookside
  4. Allie Katch vs. Shane Mercer (c) (FU Championship)
  5. David Ali & Heather Monroe vs. GPA & Laynie Luck (c) (Freelance Tag Team Championship)
  6. August Matthews vs. Bryan Keith (c) (Freelance Legacy Championship)
  7. EFFY vs. Storm Grayson (c) (Freelance World Championship)

Folks, my first ever time watching Freelance was a Halloween stream on YouTube oh... too many years ago, and let me tell you, they know how to have a party in Chicago!

Check it out live on IWTV, folks!

Limitless Fresh Blood ‘23 (Oct. 28, 7:30 pm ET)

  1. Above the Rest (Gabriel Skye & Tristen Thai) vs. Up Next (BK Westbrook & Lucky Ali)
  2. Hazard vs. “WARHORSE” Jake Parnell
  3. Ace Romero vs. Channing Thomas
  4. Angel Ortiz vs. Dezmond Cole
  5. Allie Katch vs. Ultra Violette
  6. Alec Price (c) vs. Jay Malachi (IWTV Independent Wrestling World Championship)

And then it’s a quick stop off up in Maine...

Check it out live on IWTV, folks!

H2O Bound By Blood 2023 / Tremont’s Deathmatch Tournament 4 (Oct. 28-29)

—Bound By Blood 2023 (Oct. 28, 8 pm ET)—

  1. GG Everson vs. Mouse
  2. Adonis Valerio vs. Leroy Robinson
  3. Fully Loaded (TJ Reno & Zak Ravix) vs. KAOS CTRL (Cecilio Vega & Rocket) (c) (H2O Tag Team Champsionship)
  4. Brian Neil vs. Duncan Aleem (Singapore Cane on a Pole Match)
  5. Bobby Orlando vs. Jess Moss (c) (H2O Hybrid Championship)
  6. Austin Luke (c) vs. Frank Bonett (H2O Championship)
  7. Bam Sullivan (c) vs. President Hawkins (H2O Danny Havoc Hardcore Championship)
  8. Matt Tremont vs. Ron Bass, Jr.
  9. Deklan Grant vs. Neil Diamond Cutter

—Tremont’s Deathmatch Tournament 4 (Oct. 29, 8 pm ET)—

  1. Danny Demanto vs. Deklan Grant vs. Kristian Ross vs. Tommy Vendetta (Tremont’s Deathmatch Tournament First Round Match)
  2. Bam Sullivan vs. Hardway Heeter vs. Mickie Knuckles vs. Ron Bass, Jr. (Tremont’s Deathmatch Tournament First Round Match)
  3. Lucky 13 vs. MM3 vs. Sean Campbell vs. Tim Donst (Tremont’s Deathmatch Tournament First Round Match)
  4. Chris Bradley vs. Jimmy “Chondo” Lyon vs. Mouse vs. Neil Diamond Cutter (Tremont’s Deathmatch Tournament First Round Match)
  5. President’s Cabinet vs. Tremont’s Angels of Death
  6. Anthraxx vs. Alex Stretch
  7. GG Everson vs. “Low Life” Louie Ramos (Anything Goes Match)
  8. Tremont’s Deathmatch Tournament Semifinals & Finals

Last but not least, H2O are always there to ring in the season with a spot of ultraviolence and they’re doing it in style with this doubleheader right here!

Check it out live on IWTV, folks!

Free matches here!

Allie Katch vs. Miyu Yamashita

We’re starting off hot with this slice of action from Wrestling REVOLVER!

Dominic Garrini vs. Ziggy Haim

And on to AIW for this hard-hitting slice of sprinty violence!

Brogan Finlay vs. Matt Tremont

Last but not least we’ve got this bad boy from H2O, enjoy!

As always...

Remember folks, no matter what type of wrestling you like, no matter how down you feel about the state of WWE, AEW, Impact, ROH, or any other “big-time” pro wrestling, there’s something out there for you. There’s a pro wrestling product that can hit you in the right spot and make you love wrestling like you thought you’d never be able to love it again. It’s there, I promise. You just gotta reach out and find it, and that, my friends, is what the Sermon on the Mat is all about.

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