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The New Day threaten to leave Raw

And the Women’s Tag Champs clown Natalya.

The New Day picked up a victory over the Alpha Academy in an entertaining match between fan favorites on Raw (Oct. 23). Afterward, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston declared their intentions to climb the ladder straight to another tag team championship during an episode of Raw Talk. And if they have to defect to SmackDown to do it, that’s what they’re willing to do, according to Woods:

“Think about this. We were fighting in order to climb the ranks in this division so that we can then again become WWE World Tag Team Champions. And if that’s gonna happen here on Monday Night Raw, maybe, maybe, we go to talk to a man named Adam Pearce, considering that match we just had was so piercing.

“And if Pearce won’t give us that tag match, you know we used to run SmackDown, so maybe we’ll go talk to Nick Aldis because SmackDown definitely gonna want all dis!”

The New Day did a nice job of making their intentions clear while lending some credibility to the brewing rivalry between Raw General Manager Adam Pearce and SmackDown GM Nick Aldis, who temporarily squashed any tensions between them this past Monday night.

For now, anyway.

Elsewhere on Raw Talk, Xia Li was asked if her backstage assault on Candice LeRae was her way of making a statement, as she was challenged to do by NXT Women’s Champ Becky Lynch. Her response seems to indicate trouble in Lynch’s future:

“Yeah. And now I’m not gonna wait anymore. And I will fight, my way, on my time.”

Finally, the Women’s Tag Team Champions, Piper Niven and Chelsea Green, were quite chatty after beating Nattie and her zombie partner Nikki Cross, who abandoned Nat by wandering off in the middle of the match. If Natalya’s intent on winning tag gold, she’ll need to find a better help. Not that it matters to Piper Niven, who excellently executed Bret Hart’s niece to close the team’s promo:

“It doesn’t matter who Natalya’s partner is, was, or ever will be. She will never beat us because we are and forever will be the greatest tag team in WWE.”

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