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MLW Fusion recap: Matt Cardona is undefeated

It is Matt Cardona’s world, and we’re all just living in it. The latest venture for the Major Player has taken him to Major League Wrestling, where he holds an undefeated record. Granted, Cardona was only 1-0 in MLW, but his one win was in a Kiss My Foot match. Cardona improved to 2-0 with a bout of Fusion.

Cardona wrestled 1 Called Manders in the main event of Fusion episode 187 in the ongoing feud between the World Titan Federation and the Second Gear Crew. Manders was in the mood to serve an ass-whooping.

Manders took the fight to Cardona early with chops, lariats, and spinebusters. When Manders went into a three-point stance to charge toward the corner, Cardona sidestepped for Manders to collide into the ring post. Cardona went for the Reboot, however, Manders saw it coming and chucked Cardona over the ropes down to the floor.

Manders lost focus chirping at WTF manager Mister Saint Laurent on commentary. Upon reentry to the ring, Cardona kicked the ropes into Manders’ groin. The cowboy kept his wits to counter a leg lariat into a powerbomb.

Cardona had another trick up his sleeve. When Manders sized up a lariat, Cardona pulled the referee in front as a shield. That allowed Cardona the window of opportunity to poke Manders in the eye. The Crown Jewel of the World Titan Federation finished with the Radio Silence leg lariat. Cardona is now 2-0 in MLW.

The fighting didn’t end there. As Cardona bloviated about his undefeated record, Mance Warner attacked from behind. That’s what happens when Ole Mancer is drinking and thinking.

The real reason why this win was important is to set the table for Cardona to challenge Alex Kane for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship in the near future. No contest has been officially announced, however, it is only a matter of time before the Deathmatch King rumbles with the Suplex Assassin, especially after Cardona and Kane brawled in the aftermath of the Slaughterhouse event.

Kane already has Cardona in his sights. The champ isn’t having the disrespect of sports entertainment in his house. The mission is submission.

In other action on Fusion, Mr. Thomas & J Boujii triumphed over the Mane Event. Midas Black and Jay Lyon showcased nifty teamwork chemistry, but the Bomaye Fight Club was too much to handle. The size and power of Thomas was the difference. Boujii popped a double cutter, and Thomas tossed Boujii outside as a cannonball on the Mane Event. Thomas pummeled Lyon on a spinebuster to win.

Ichiban defeated Love, Doug in the opener. Doug threw rose petals in the masked man’s face and pounced for a bulldog. Ichiban rallied in the end for a cazadora stunner and finished with a jumping flatliner. The win puts Ichiban close to a middleweight title shot against new champion Rocky Romero.

The night started off rough for Doug when Salina de la Renta snatched his box of chocolates for B3CCA to eat by herself while cackling like a bruja. Doug received a glimmer of hope after the match that he is inching his way into B3CCA’s heart. She sent a personal message. Doug didn’t share the note, because a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell. Sounds fishy.

On the promo tip, Salina revealed big news that she will be the executive producer of next week’s Fusion.

Tom Lawlor came up short for his return to MLW in the world title fight against Alex Kane at Slaughterhouse. Lawlor blamed the corrupt referee and accused the official of having gambling problems. Lawlor was disgusted that Don King was promoting fights in MLW, so he joined the World Titan Federation to build the company in a sports entertainment image.

Tony Deppen was suspended by MLW for not paying his fine after attacking Kevin Blackwood. Deppen didn’t care. He was with partner in crime TJ Crawford looking for someone else to attack.

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