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EC3 adds stipulation to NWA world title fight at Samhain PPV

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EC3 is gearing up to defend the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship against Thom Latimer at the Samhain PPV on October 28 in Cleveland, OH. EC3 made the bout more interesting by adding a special stipulation.

Latimer violently ambushed EC3 at an Exodus Pro indie event. Latimer raged with a steel chair to inflict pain on the champ. EC3 eloquently responded by upping the ante. He has beaten Latimer physically and mentally. Now, it is time to beat Latimer spiritually. EC3 requested a No Limits match, which is basically Anything Goes.

EC3: There he is. There is the man who I’ve been waiting one year to see, the Thom Latimer at his absolute best. Vendetta-driven, rage-fueled, angry, possessed. Because if I want to be the greatest NWA world’s heavyweight champion of all-time, I have to beat the absolute best. And the absolute best of Thom Latimer is when he’s in a dark place with his demons.

They (demons) have come out. You have bashed me, you have whacked me, you have hit me, you have nearly cut off my air supply. With what? Wrestling’s one true weapon.

The steel chair.

The equivalent of a sword. The weapon of a warrior, a samurai, or a knight. So on NWA Samhain, a hardcore pay-per-view, let them all have the gadgets and the gizmos, the gimmicks, the bells, and the whistles, because the only thing we need is this one true weapon (steel chair).

Because if I recall one year ago, this (steel chair) is what I held over your head like the Sword of Damocles. On your knees in front of me begging for mercy, I could have decapitated you there. But I didn’t, because I knew we had to come to this moment, to this exact Samhain pay-per-view, where you, Thom Latimer, challenge for the World’s Heavyweight Championship.

To utilize this weapon, well, I guess we can look to your wife for a great stipulation. Our title match will be No Limits. But we don’t need anything only than our true intention, our true purpose, and our one shared mission... to be the best.

No Limits is an interesting wrinkle to the PPV main event. EC3 has been poking and prodding Latimer along the way to embrace his demons and rise above them. The stipulation should guarantee a real finish. EC3 has played mind games in past matchups, and Latimer has been his own worst enemy in defeat. No Limits won’t have any cheap DQ finishes with Latimer raging out of control. EC3 is actually taking a noble path to challenge himself against the best version of Latimer. If EC3 can win, it will be a true challenge of fortitude and worthy of greatness.

Does the No Limits stipulation increase your desire to watch EC3 versus Thom Latimer for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship?

The NWA Samhain PPV will stream live through Fite TV.

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