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Jacob Fatu & Minoru Suzuki battle in MLW vs. NJPW dream match

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Goosebumps were in the air for the dream match between Jacob Fatu and Minoru Suzuki at MLW’s Slaughterhouse event (Oct. 14, 2023). The brutes battled for bragging rights in a contest representing MLW versus NJPW.

Fatu and Suzuki circled each other to start. Suzuki landed an inside leg kick. Fatu was hesitant to engage after that strike, but he closed in to deliver a heavy chop. Suzuki embraced the contact and laughed in Fatu’s face.

Fatu fired up for a body slam. Suzuki suckered the Samoan Werewolf in the ropes with a headscissors submission. Brawling erupted on the floor. Suzuki went to work stretching Fatu with a focus on the legs. Suzuki found pleasure in Fatu’s pain.

Fatu rallied for a Samoan drop and a handspring moonsault. The fight continued with an exchange of strikes. Suzuki absorbed the blows, then he dropped Fatu with a single strike to the jaw.

Fatu roared back for a Falcon Arrow slam. Suzuki countered a spinning uranage into a sleeper. The NJPW stalwart went for the Gotch piledriver. Success and victory to Suzuki. He executed his finisher in an impressive manner showing leg strength on a delayed drop.

Wow. That was an unexpected result. No knock on Suzuki. He’s usually brought in to put over the other company’s stars. There is no bigger star in MLW than Fatu, and he went down in defeat. It will be interesting to see if that victory catapults Suzuki into a heavyweight title shot.

What is your reaction to Minoru Suzuki beating Jacob Fatu on MLW turf?

The replay for MLW Slaughterhouse is available through the Fite+ package on Fite TV.

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