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Rocky Romero wins MLW middleweight title to become a double champ at Slaughterhouse

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Rocky Romero was feeling sweet entering MLW Slaughterhouse (Oct. 14, 2023) for a title versus title fight. Azucar exited as double champ.

This bout marked the first talent exchange in the new alliance with CMLL. Romero represented Consejo Mundial in a match brokered by Salina de la Renta. Akira entered as the champ from MLW. The CMLL World Historic Welterweight Championship and the MLW World Middleweight Championship were both on the line. Winner take all.

Being managed by Salina’s Promociones Dorado has its perks. Rocky received a personal introduction from none other than Jesus (Ricardo) Rodriguez.

The bout began with aggressive striking then transitioned to technical mat work. Armbars were the flavor of the moment leaving both wrestlers in pain after a submission exchange. Akira seized control with a German suplex to an ankle lock to an STF. He cranked hard, but Rocky was able to reach the ropes for the break.

Salina sensed trouble, so she hopped onto the apron to buy some time for Rocky. The Calling’s goons confronted La Bruja, but Akira told them to stand down. Never turn your back on Salina. She shoved Akira into his henchmen, then she went wild swinging a kendo stick.

In the commotion, Rocky pounced for suicide dive onto Akira. Azucar hit three Sliced Breads escalating in difficulty, and Akira dramatically kicked out each time.

Akira had one more rally in him. He baited Rocky by flipping middle fingers to encourage fisticuffs. When Rocky charged forward, Akira headbutt his foe. Akira fired up for a lariat and double stomp. Rocky faded in a sleeper, so Akira went for his finishing suplex. Rocky escaped the maneuver and shoved Akira into the referee. With the ref’s vision obscured, Rocky struck Akira with a low blow. Romero finished with a sunset piledriver to win all the gold.

The replay for MLW Slaughterhouse is available through the Fite+ package on Fite TV.

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