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MLW wrestler fries in electric chair in Chamber of Horrors

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The Halloween spirit was in the air for MLW’s Slaughterhouse event (Oct. 14, 2023), and the broadcast opened with a horror show.

MLW ushered in the return of the Chamber of Horrors match. The original edition was infamous for frying Abdullah the Butcher in an electric chair in WCW. MLW did the same, and they one-upped that bout to add a pumpkin-headed man.

Mance Warner and Matthew Justice represented the Second Gear Crew against Cannonball and Talon of The Calling. It was a wild time with chairs, wooden boards, staple guns, screwdrivers, paper cuts, and pumpkins. Oh yes, pumpkins. Ole Mancer used one for a piledriver to Talon. SGC placed another pumpkin over the head of Cannonball, and Justice jumped for a flying chair shot. Joe Dombrowski delivered an appropriate line on commentary, “A real life pumpkin head is down and hurt.”

The Chamber of Horrors was a cage match with only one way to win, electrocution! Justice climbed the cage to take out Cannonball with a flying cannonball through a wooden board in the corner. Talon grabbed a chair, but Warner delivered a devastating eye poke to snatch the weapon away. Warner smashed the steel on Talon then loaded the masked man into the electric chair. Justice pulled the lever, and Talon was fried alive.

What is your reaction to the Chamber of Horrors electric chair?

The replay for MLW Slaughterhouse is available through the Fite+ package on Fite TV.

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