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The Headbangers are coming to the NWA

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Mosh and Thrasher are coming to the National Wrestling Alliance. An open challenge was issued, and the Headbangers called for the match taking place on the Samhain PPV on October 28 in Cleveland, OH.

Kerry Morton and Alex Taylor were feeling a little big for their britches with cockiness looking for a bout on the PPV card, so Billy Corgan personally selected their opponents. The Headbangers answered the video announcement. Be careful what you wish for.

The Headbangers arrived in WWE in 1996 and won the WWE World Tag Team Championship in 1997. Their run at the top lasted 28 days. The Headbangers also won the NWA World Tag Team Championship when it was being used in WWE for a brief period in 1998. They held those belts for 41 days. Mosh and Thrasher were out of the big leagues by 2000.

The Headbangers bopped around over the years in Juggalo Championship Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and the indies. They made a special return to the WWE in 2016 for a few matches. In recent years, the Headbangers have graced the squared circle a handful of times.

The NWA Samhain PPV is headlined by EC3 defending the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship against Thom Latimer. The show will be available for viewing through Fite TV.

What’s your reaction to the Headbangers arriving in the NWA?

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