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No wrestling tonight? Watch Swerve Strickland vs. Ricochet in MLW classic throwback

Wednesday night is alright for... Wait. There’s no wrestling tonight. With AEW moving Dynamite to Tuesday this week, that leaves a hole in the usual wrestling schedule. Don’t worry. We got your hookup courtesy of MLW with a classic throwback match between Swerve Strickland and Ricochet.

The date was October 5, 2017. The event was One Shot in Orlando, FL. This show marked the return of MLW for the first time since 2004. The success of the card paved the way for MLW to make a full-time return in the wrestling game. The broadcast was anchored by Swerve and Ricochet putting on a classic in the main event.

MLW served the bout as a special attraction replay on episode 185 of MLW Fusion. The contest starts at the 16:06 mark. Sit back, press play, and enjoy the action.

This was the second singles match between Swerve and Ricochet in their careers. Ricochet earned a win earlier that year at Wrestling Revolver Pancakes & Piledrivers on April 1. Swerve was out to even the score.

Rich Bocchini and Tony Schiavone called the action. Swerve entered in style to Chaka Khan’s tune, “Ain’t Nobody.” Ricochet entered as a heel with the arrogance of a king. The story was two friends growing apart. Swerve was a youngster on the rise, while Ricochet had a high and mighty attitude. Tim Barr handled ring announcer duties to give the main event a big fight feel.

Time for the tale of the tape.


The contest opened with gamesmanship and mind games. Ricochet worked to grind Swerve on the mat. The pace picked up running the ropes. Ricochet flipped out of a headscissors. Swerve did the Matrix backward bend to duck a high kick. Stalemate of athleticism.

Swerve was the first to land hard strikes. He caught Ricochet in an armlock and worked on tenderizing the limb. Back on their feet, Ricochet blasted a huge dropkick.

Swerve answered with a springboard stomp.

The match progressed into physical striking. Swerve escaped an avalanche piledriver to plant Ricochet on a DDT out of the corner. Swerve connected on his flying double stomp finisher, but Ricochet kicked out.

Swerve went to the JML driver, however, Ricochet countered for a slick poison rana. Ricochet seized the opportunity for rolling suplexes and a springboard 450 splash, but Swerve kicked out on the cover.

Down the stretch, Ricochet spit in Swerve’s face as an act of disrespect to say Swerve wasn’t on his level. Swerve rallied for a modified GTS then violently stomped Ricochet’s head. As Swerve worked for an armbar to a triangle choke, Ricochet powerbombed his way out. Swerve blocked Ricochet’s kick finisher to roll through for an armlock. Ricochet could not escape. Swerve was victorious.

That win acted as a springboard for Swerve in MLW. He went on to capture the MLW World Heavyweight Championship. That was Ricochet’s only match in MLW. His future landed a spot in WWE shortly after.

What’s your take on this throwback classic to Swerve Strickland versus Ricochet?

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