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NWA crowns new television champion

The National Wrestling Alliance has crowned a new television champion. Big Strong Mims faced off against Zicky Dice, and Mims prevailed in glory to hold the NWA World Television Championship high above his head.


The TV title was previously vacated by Thom Latimer after cashing in the Lucky Seven rule for a shot at EC3 and the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship at the Samhain PPV on October 28 in Cleveland, OH.

Mims and Dice earned this opportunity through a tournament. Mims triumphed over Blake Troop, Chris Adonis, and Jordan Clearwater in four-way combat. Dice slithered his way past Dak Draper, Gaagz the Gymp, and Judais in the other four-way bout.

The stage was set for Mims and Dice to determine the next NWA TV champion. The NWA put together a nifty video package hyping the bout. Dice is a former NWA TV champ who left for greener pastures. He returns with fire in his eyes to reclaim the title. Mims is a young star with charisma, strength, and heart that loves the NWA.

The bout went down as the opening contest in episode 129 of NWA Powerrr.

There was no time-limit. A winner must be declared. Dice was aggressive early. He mounted the corner to pound punches and swivel his hips in Mims’ face. Mims fired up, so Dice escaped the ring to regroup. Dice used little tricks to ram Mims into the ring post and kick the ropes into Mims’ groin upon reentry to the ring.

Dice went to work targeting the big, strong neck of Mims. The outlandish one connected on a sweet flipping neckbreaker. He kneed Mims in the clinch to soften up the man for another neckbreaker. Mims eventually found his second wind to roar back with a powerful front slam.

In the end, Dice hooked a small package. The referee caught him grabbing the tights. When Dice argued with the official, Mims scooped a roll-up from behind to win.

Mims is the seventh NWA TV champion. Ricky Starks won the inaugural title followed by Dice, Pope, Tyrus, Jordan Clearwater, and Latimer. Only Tyrus and Latimer have been able to make seven consecutive title defenses to qualify for the Lucky Seven rule.

Do you believe in Big Strong Mims?

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