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This is the only way I’ll ever watch picture in picture

Both AEW & WWE will use the picture in picture gimmick. That’s when they’ll continue playing the show, usually a match, in the corner without audio while they play commercials. It’s a smart play to try to get folks from getting up when commercials are on if watching live and more importantly, fast forwarding when they watching on DVR.

However, it never works on me.

As soon as they go to picture in picture, I’m reaching for that remote so fast, you’d think it’d explode if I didn’t reach it in time. If I’m watching live, it’s time to use the bathroom or play on my phone.

That was until tonight.

Instead of a match, they played a series of Timeless Toni Storm’s silent film, titled Lover’s Lament, in black & white vignettes.

And I had no desire to change the station.

Toni is doing the best work of her career with the eccentric former 20’s starlet. OK, eccentric maybe an undersell. She’s a bit crazy.

AEW released the entire 4 minutes, with some silent movie music. So enjoy that, stay timeless, and as always, watch out for the shoe.

You can find all the results to Dynamite’s Title Tuesday at our live blog here.

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