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Saraya’s title reign was a short one

One of the title matches scheduled for Dynamite’s Title Tuesday was Saraya’s title defense against Hikaru Shida.

Early on in the match, when Hikaru had things under control, Ruby Soho tried to interfere. Dressed as a production assistant and wearing a mask, she tried to use their Outcasts patented spray paint. However the challenger unmasked Soho and turned the colorful weapon on her.

Timeless Toni Storm the ran down to chase off her former stablemate, with a shoe of course.

Despite the numbers being neutralize, Saraya was able to use this to get herself back in the bout.

After the break, Shida found herself back on top with some turnbuckle punches. However, a battle on the top of the turnbuckle led to Shida tumbling back first on the ring apron. She’d return the favor soon by delivering a German suplex to the champion on the apron.

Saraya would get the advantage again and deliver her Knight Cap DDT finisher. But the challenger kicked out! The champ would then grab a kendo stick with the intention to distract the referee. That worked and Saraya used the spray paint to the face of the challenger and delivered a second Knight Cap.

But there was a second kick out!

The women would attempt a series of rollups, with Shida delivering the one that earned 3 seconds.

This victory makes Hikaru Shida the first 3-time women’s champion in AEW.

This also means Saraya’s title reign was a rather short one. She won it at All In on August 27. She defended it one time against the soon to be Timeless Toni Storm. And she lost her second defense.

Maybe this was always the plan - give the UK native a huge win in her home country for a short run. Maybe her past injury just meant she was never destined for a long title reign. It’ll be interesting to see where the story takes the now former champion.

Meanwhile, congrats to AEW workhorse Hikaru Shida!

You can find all the results to Dynamite’s Title Tuesday at our live blog here.

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