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Bryan Danielson gets help to become #1 contender for the TNT title

AEW’s special Title Tuesday Dynamite opened with a match with TNT title implications as Bryan Danielson faced off against Swerve Strickland, the winner to challenge Christian Cage for the TNT title on Saturday’s Collision.

It was Swerve who found the first advantage over his fellow Seattle resident by dropping him on his back on the apron. Strickland would follow up by working Bryan’s midsection.

The Dragon got himself back in the match by getting his knees up when Swerve was going for a 450. His run on offense would be short lived when a devastating looking Swerve Stomp to the outside turned the tide in his favor.

Bryan would soon hook Swerve’s leg on a stomp attempt and went to do what he does best - work submissions.

The men would trade big moves until Prince Nana predictably get involved.

Swerve’s manager jumped on the apron to distract the referee, but not before leaving his crown for Strickland to use as a weapon. However, Hangman Page, who lost at WrestleDream due to that very crown, ran down to the ring and ripped it out of Swerve’s hand.

Bryan would try a roll up after this, but Swerve escaped. However he couldn’t escape the Busaikuy Knee, which the Dragon used to become #1 contender for the TNT title.

There won’t be any real time for a promo segment between Cage & Danielson, which may be good for Bryan, given he lost his father back in 2014.

You can find all the results to Dynamite’s Title Tuesday at our live blog here.

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