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Tony Khan has two words for Triple H & Shawn Michaels

AEW owner, president & head of creative Tony Khan has said he loves a wrestling war, and he’s going all in on the one he’ll fight tonight (Oct. 10) when Dynamite runs opposite WWE NXT.

Mostly, that’s involved stacking the card for his show as WWE added current & future Hall of Famers to theirs, and matching tactics like commercial-free starts and overruns. But as we get closer to kick-off — literally in Khan’s case, since he added a free streaming one to Dynamite — TK’s gotten a little feistier online.

First, he alluded to former WWE and current TKO Executive Chairman’s Vince McMahon’s sexual misconduct/hush money scandal while going back-and-forth with a WWE fan. Now, he’s taking aim at WWE Chief Creative Officer Triple H and his longtime right-hand man & NXT boss Shawn Michaels.

He’s doing so in response to a Haus of Wrestling report that quotes a “fired up WWE source” who says Trips & Shawn will use tonight to send a message that “AEW has a long way to go” to be on a level playing field with WWE. Nick Hausman’s story also mentions that Team NXT sees this as a way to avenge their loss in the Wednesday Night War (the 2019-2021 period where Dynamite & NXT routinely went head-to-head, which was dominated by AEW), and maybe to ruin Tony’s birthday, too. TK turns 41 today.

Whatever the validity of the report, it got this response from Khan, who’s either a big Curb Your Enthusiasm fan, in the midst of a rewatch, or both (his Vince jab came in the wake of a Larry David GIF):

No word on if, like fellow member of the hair loss demo Larry, Hunter & Shawn consider being called “bald asshole” a hate crime.

This is all pretty funny, if you can keep it in perspective. But I won’t be sad when it’s over. The longer it goes on, the closer it gets to actually resembling a Curb episode...

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