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KENTA’s got jokes about WWE’s latest possible CM Punk tease

Shinsuke Nakamura used the GTS on Raw, and the man Punk stole the move from noticed.

Over the past several Mondays (and one Saturday), fans have noticed possible references to CM Punk peppered throughout Raw (and Fastlane).

Punk is, of course, soon to be available for employment after his AEW firing. And reports now support the notion he’ll soon be making his WWE return — probably at next month’s Survivor Series premium live event in his hometown of Chicago.

Our latest hint those reports are accurate came on the Oct. 9 Raw, when Shinsuke Nakamura punctuated his assault of Ricochet with Punk’s finisher, the Go To Sleep.

This had the added bonus of not only teasing Punk, but also revisiting the long-running beef the man who invented the GTS has with Punk over it. New Japan’s KENTA (fka WWE’s Hideo Itami) couldn't let it slide:

KENTA keeps up with the dirt sheets confirmed.

What do you make of Nakamura's GTS? How convinced are you Punk will be at Survivor Series? Will KENTA ever get a chance for payback?

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