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Jade Cargill & Sky Blue gave us an early Spot of the Year contender at BotB5

All Elite Wrestling

Jade Cargill is a polarizing wrestler.

Even she and Tony Khan would probably admit her push started before she was ready for it. But all but her biggest detractors understand why AEW made that call. Cargill’s a legitimate attraction, with an engaging personality & compelling personal story to offer mainstream media outlets after her look & physical talents catch their eye.

For folks tuning into Dynamite and Rampage for wrestling matches, however, those things don’t matter as much. Most of the 48 wins in the streak Jade’s started her career with have been squashes or otherwise forgettable. A few have been memorable for the wrong reasons.

There have been flashes of Cargill growing into a main event talent (maybe it was because I was there in person, but her Rampage match with Anna Jay last January impressed me. I can’t say it’s been all uphill from there, though). And we got one last night at Battle of the Belts V in Portland, Oregon.

Overall, her TBS title defense against Sky Blue was a fun match with some impressive spots.

But none was more impressive than the final sequence, which saw Cargill catch Blue on a crossbody attempt from the top rope, swing her up into powerbomb position, flip her around onto her shoulders, and toss her into the air from there to catch her belly-to-back so she could hit her Jaded finisher.

If you prefer GIFs, and because that clip skips the catch that starts the move...

I’m not a pro wrestler, but you don’t have to be to see how many different ways that move could have gone wrong. Instead, it’s smooth as silk and ends up looking just as impactful as the normal version of the move.

Kudos to both women for a hell of a spot. Here’s hoping the continue to get chances to grow and shine, because the future could be bright — for the undefeated Cargill, and her 23 year old dance partner.

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