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Maximo retires from lucha libre

Maximo Sexy announced his retirement from lucha libre.


Maximo made an official confirmation via Instagram video. The exotico explained that he is closing the chapter on his lucha libre career to begin a new project called New Exotic. Details on New Exotic will be revealed at a later date. Maximo clarified that his retirement was not due to health issues or troubles in his personal life. La Fresa Salvaje (The Wild Strawberry) assured fans that he will fulfill all confirmed dates in the ring before stepping away into retirement.

Maximo hails from the Alvarado wrestling family; son of the late Brazo de Plata (aka Super Porky), brother of Psycho Clown, and cousin of La Mascara to name a few from the lucha libre lineage. Maximo is 42 years old with 23 years as a luchador.

Maximo’s rise in stardom climaxed in 2015 by winning the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship and carrying the title for 843 days. Maximo ranked 57th in the PWI 500 for 2015. He also competed in a variety of high-profile hair versus hair matches within CMLL during that stretch.

One of Maximo’s early defining moments in CMLL was beating Taichi in hair versus hair in 2010. Enjoy the highlights of that contest.

Maximo’s run in CMLL ended in 2017 when the Alvarado family smashed Ultimo Guerrero’s car over a union leadership issue. Maximo was fired from CMLL and continued his career in AAA as a fan favorite.

Psycho Clown shared a family photo. He commented that they love lucha libre, and it runs through their blood. Psycho knows that Maximo’s decision was difficult, and he supports his brother.

What’s your favorite moment from Maximo’s lucha libre career?

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