The Nightly: January 30th, 2023

Hello Nightly!!!

Today was pretty solid. Had to work an unscheduled open to close single coverage shift. Wasn’t a bad shift, just very long. I was able to get quite a few things done, so there’s that at least. I did get a pre-order for Hogwarts Legacy, so that’s cool. Definitely the next game that I’m looking forward to, along with Wanted Dead and then Resident Evil 4 Remake in March.

As far as Raw tonight goes, didn’t get a chance to see all of it due to work, but it hasn’t really been all that impressive. The Becky/Bayley angle was okay I guess, but seemed like creative was trying too hard to make the feud personal. The cage match should be cool. If it actually happens this time. It would have been cool if it happened on a big deal anniversary show like Raw XXX. History event, bunch of eyeballs would have seen that match.

On to the Nightly.

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