CSS WWE Prediction Contest: RESULTS for Royal Rumble 2023

Wowww, what a turnout.. 58 participants for this event! Lots of activity as we head to Mania season. Please see below for some official decisions regarding scoring for this contest:

1. Doudrop AND Piper Niven both accepted as surprise participants

2. Beth Phoenix was awarded points as a surprise return in the Women's contest because she played a big part in the show.

3. Booker T AND N/A were accepted in the NXT portion and Booker also in the legend portion of the Men's contest.

In addition, these decisions made regarding the GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP:

1. 1 Grand Standing point was awarded for each correct Rumble winner prediction in the PRELIM contest (meaning you could win up to 5 pts)

2. The actual (not including PRELIM) score average was used to determine Grand Standing points (30.41 being the average meant anyone with 31+ TOTAL pts scored a point).

Happy to answer questions/comments/grievances in the replies below regarding any of my scoring or decisions.


Now for the contest! One of the most impressive showings I've seen, scoring 74/75 possible points and getting all 5 grand standing points: Mackaymackay took us all to task on this day and is the NEW CSS Prediction Champ. Mercy me! See below for scores and current grand standings. See everyone in the Chamber!

GRAND STANDINGS (anyone with zero points are hidden):

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