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Here’s the latest wrestler to ‘pull a Rick Rude’

Manny Lemmons’ Twitter

With the proliferation of wrestling on internet outlets like YouTube, we’ve seen more and more wrestlers appear on multiple shows that air or debut on the same day.

Does it diminish the feat of “pulling a Rick Rude”, named after the WWE Hall of Famer who appeared on a tape-delayed episode of WWE (then WWF) Raw and a live WCW Nitro on Mon., Nov. 17, 1997? Probably a little bit. But it’s still a neat piece of trivia, and a nice bit of promotion for the talent involved.

The newest member of the club is independent wrestler Manny Lemons. It was taped last week when the promotion was in the greater Denver area, but Lemmons & tag partner Atiba lost to Matt Hardy & Isiah Kassidy on the edition of AEW Dark: Elevation that premiered last night (Jan. 3).

AEW’s YouTube

The Utah native then made his was to Nashville where he worked as a member of the security team during Raw’s segment involving Adam Pearce, Kevin Owens and The Bloodline (he’s the guy with a goatee and hair on his head to KO’s left).

WWE’s YouTube

Congrats, Mr. Lemons.

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