The Nightly: January 29th, 2023

Hello Nightly!!!

So the Royal Rumble completely sucked last night. The Men’s Rumble match was kind of dull. I applaud Gunther for going the distance, but not a lot of things were interesting about the match. Cody makes enough sense as the winner, but he’s not the most interesting winner either.

The Pitch Black match sucked too. For a match that was insanely hyped up (seriously, any ad I saw for the Rumble was all for this match). And all it amounted to was a glow in the dark match that you’d play in a custom arena in the SmackDown vs. Raw games.

Bianca vs. Alexa was very forgettable.

The Women’s Rumble match was slightly better, but not by much. Again, Rhea does make some sense as a winner, but I think Becky would have been better. It would have given her a shot in the arm, made history, and I’m generally not a fan of heels winning Rumbles anyway.

Main event was forgettable too and the post match angle, while it made sense story line wise, was poorly executed and produced, the pacing was way too slow.

Basically, one main point I want to make is the godawful booking of Becky Lynch. I genuinely do not understand it. A few years ago, she was the top star in the company. Now she’s reaching Austin in 02 levels of booking. She’s still over, she’s still a big star, and they need to treat her as such. This Damage Control feud has done nothing for her, and it doesn’t help that Bianca once single handily took out Damage Control right before Becky’s return, so the booking makes Becky look so much worse. Creative really needs to step it up and give Becky another push and treat Becky like the star, the top star that she is.

On to the Nightly.

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