Et tu, Uce: Sami Zayn is a traitor

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The Royal Rumble is over, and so is Sami Zayn's run with the Bloodline. The now-former Honorary Uce went out in dishonorable fashion following the Undisputed Universal Championship match between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens at the Rumble.

While the post-match attack on Owens by Reigns and his crew was especially heinous, most disgusting were the actions of Zayn, a gutless betrayal of a family he spent months courting and whose support he piggybacked off of, resulting in much fanfare and success.

To be clear, this is not a personal indictment of the men behind their television personas but a look at the true villain in this story, Sami Zayn.

For more than five years, the former El Generico has been a bully, a tyrant, and a self-aggrandizing charlatan. Worst of all, Zayn has been a snitch.

Following his embarrassing defeat at WrestleMania to Jackass star Johnny Knoxville, Zayn attempted to use Reigns and the Bloodline to revitalize his career. And how did he do that? By ratting on Drew McIntyre's plan to team up with RK-Bro in an attempt to take down the members of the Island of Relevancy.

After weaseling his way into the supergroup, Zayn had no problem running interference for the Bloodline, except when it came to dealing with Kevin Owens.

Sami Zayn threw away months of goodwill, family bonding, and immeasurable career success for Kevin Owens, the person who has been the cause of so much heartbreak throughout Zayn's career. The same Kevin Owens who betrayed Zayn during their time together in Ring of Honor and then again in WWE after Zayn had just won the NXT Championship. Following the example set by his so-called brother led to Zayn temporarily getting fired in 2018 by then-Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan.

While Roman Reigns' ruthless behavior following his title defense at the Rumble is questionable, what's not up for debate is his motivation.

The Tribal Chief has always maintained that he is willing to do whatever it takes to provide for his family, so his actions in San Antonio, Texas, are not that surprising. What is shocking is that, for the second time in his WWE career, Reigns has literally been stabbed in the back by an outsider whom he allowed to become close to him. First by Seth Rollins in 2014 and now by Zayn, who may have driven a wedge between Roman and his family.

For almost a year, Zayn gained the acceptance (or tolerance) of the Bloodline, one by one. He even won over his most ardent detractor, Jey Uso, who walked out of the Royal Rumble visibly distraught after vigorously defending a man he considered family just days earlier.

And again, for what? To take sides and show compassion for a man who threatened the family Zayn spent months encroaching upon, a man who, at the drop of a dime, will doublecross Zayn for the sake of his career?

Perhaps Reigns was right to think that Zayn has been plotting all along to assume his role as Tribal Chief, and his apology to Jey Uso following his assault on Reigns may have been another attempt to sway Reigns' family to his side.

Thanks to some slick production by WWE and Oscar-worthy emoting by Zayn, it's easy to think that Zayn is the good guy in this story, but he's not. He's a modern-day Daniel Larusso, a wolf in sheep's clothing.

And so a chapter in what has arguably been WWE's best long-term story has come to a close, and a new one starring the Bloodline, Zayn, and Owens, is about to begin. But make no mistake, Sami Zayn is no hero, far from it. He is proof that there is no honor among thieves. And what he stole from the Bloodline makes him the slimiest of crooks.

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