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MLW Roundup: Dumpster match & no ropes catch wrestling added to SuperFight

MLW added a few unique matches to the SuperFight card on February 4 in Philadelphia.

NZO, Microman, Mance Warner, and a mystery opponent will take out the trash in a Dumpster Match.

Four men enter, three men leave in a dumpster.

The rules of a dumpster match are simple: there are no pinfalls, knockouts, or submissions. Anything goes as combatants brawl all over the arena striving to toss opponents into a dumpster and thus eliminating them from the bout. No matter how badly you beat down other wrestlers, the only way to claim victory is by fully placing them in a dumpster and locking the lid.

Alex Kane still has the Opera Cup in his possession, so Davey Boy Smith Jr. is going to teach the Suplex Assassin a lesson in a no ropes catch wrestling bout.

MLW provided a little bit of history on the catch-as-catch-can style.

The true origins of MMA and No Holds Barred fighting, a no ropes catch wrestling bout has no rounds and no rules.

Noted for its brutal submission holds (“hooks”) and incorporating several English wrestling styles, catch wrestling is a violent form of combat sports. In catch wrestling, expect to see some of the most brutal tosses and suplexes ever. No wrestling holds or moves are banned, regardless of how dangerous they might be.

Catch wrestling, a grappling system and combat fighting style, was developed by J.G. Chambers in Britain in 1878. Billy Riley’s Snake Pit in Wigan, produced some of the sport’s all-time greatest catch wrestlers, including Billy Robinson.

In a change of pace from dumpster matches and catch wrestling, buckle up for Chocolate Thunder versus the Mayor of Slamtown. Willie Mack has signed to compete against John Hennigan (aka John Morrison, Johnny Nitro, Johnny Mundo, Johnny Impact, Johnny Elite, Johnny Superstar, Johnny Hardy, Johnny Caballero, Johnny Fusion, and the list goes on).

MLW also included a pair of title bouts. First is Lince Dorado defending the MLW World Middleweight Championship against Delirious.

Second is the Full Blooded Italians using strong-arm tactics to work their way into the DragonGate tag title scene. Little Guido and Ray Jaz have a shot at Kzy and Big Boss Shimizu for the Twin Gate Championship in an interpromotional title bout.

The SuperFight card currently stacks up with:

  • MLW World Heavyweight Championship: Alexander Hammerstone (c) vs. Jacob Fatu
  • MLW World Middleweight Championship: Lince Dorado (c) vs. Delirious
  • MLW World Women’s Featherweight Championship: Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Delmi Exo
  • DragonGate Twin Gate Championship: Kzy & Big Boss (c) vs. Little Guido & Ray Jaz
  • John Hennigan vs. Willie Mack
  • Davey Richards vs. Lio Rush
  • No Ropes Catch Wrestling: Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Alex Kane
  • Dumpster Match: NZO vs. Microman vs. Mance Warner vs. wild card opponent
  • Hardcore Battle of the Bastards: Rickey Shane Page vs. 1 Called Manders
  • B3CCA debuts

In the world of MLW’s weekly Fusion broadcast, Fatu won an interpromotional dream match last week against Ben-K from DragonGate. The undercard showcased up-and-comers as Trish Adora defeated Gia Scott and Alec Price defeated TJ Crawford. That episode (#163) is available for viewing through Pro Wrestling TV.

This week on Fusion will feature a title defense from Taya Valkyrie against Trish Adora. Super rudo Sam Adonis debuts in MLW against Johnny Patch. YAMATO is competing in a DragonGate ring in preparation for his future world title fight against Alexander Hammerstone.

MLW Fusion streams Thursdays at 8 pm ET on Pro Wrestling TV and hits the cable waves Saturdays at 8 pm ET on beIN SPORTS.

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