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Hulk Hogan will never top his greatest tweet, but today he came close

Long-time readers of this here wrestling blog know we hold Hulk Hogan’s 2011 tweet in very high regard. My main man Geno Mrosko, who celebrates Oct. 16 like it’s a holiday, still can’t talk about the fact Hogan deleted this legendary missive...

So what could have happened that we’d say the Hulkster even came close to topping the time he said goodnight to the HULKAMANIACS, and also the jabronie marks without a life that didn’t know it a work when they worked a work and worked themselves into a shoot (marks)?

Well, it started with this...

And before anyone had time to worry about Hogan’s well being, he followed it with this...

Both have since been deleted, and the working theory seems to be that 69 year old WWE Hall of Famer likely thought he was texting someone nearby and inadvertently opened the Twitter app on his phone instead.

The internet’s forever, though. Hogan’s moment of wiping desperation has been picked up by TMZ and other outlets.

Should have done the work of checking the toilet paper supply before working yourself into a shit, HH.

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