2023 should be the year of The Briscoes

First and foremost, I give out my thoughts and payers to the Pugh family.

It was devastating to read what happened to them, and unfortunate that such a thing could of happened. I never normally say thoughts and prayers, to me those words mean nothing and actions normally take better results, but I'm just a man.

To be honest I'm having trouble thinking of what to say in this post. But to sum it up I think this year should be for the Briscoes, everywhere.

Those in more intwined in the wrestling world could say more about him then I can, I've been indoctrinated like most of us to as a kid to the WWF/WWE, WCW era of wrestling and came to know The Briscoes later in their prime, once I had the means to branch out and experience other wrestling promotions, becoming a AEW fanboy since its inception. I wont deny it.

My first true Briscoe match that I sat down and fully watched and enjoyed was Briscoes VS FTR at Supercard of Honor, after that, they were one of my favorite Tag Teams ever. (My list for reference 1. Bucks, 2. FTR, 3. Briscoes, 4. Lucha Bros, 5. New Day/Uso's (Toss up)). Their presence was raw, their style: raw, their impact on the world of wrestling, Historic.

And yet now a week removed from the tragedy, most of us have to move on with our daily lives, and live with the memory of Jamin "Jay Briscoe" Pugh in our hearts and minds.

But for Mark "Mark Briscoe" Pugh, this tragedy could unfortunately, and ultimately be his chance to etch not only his, but his brothers name properly in the annuls of the great ones.

But it has to be done RIGHT.

And no better place to start, than his AEW debut tomorrow, January 25th, 2023.

There have been times were wrestling promotions uses loss to promote or push wrestlers into stardom, both good and bad, but for the legacy of Jay Briscoe, presumably on the shoulders of Mark, now is the time to build. AEW has established our devilish champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman as one of the top generational stars in professional wrestling. Not only that, he is in my honest opinion, the best heel in professional wrestling (Roman Lame's is close). Yet if AEW doesn't pull the trigger with Ricky Starks dethroning MJF, which I hope happens in a way, Mark Briscoe is the perfect protagonist to MJF's devilish antagonist.

MJF's white collar arrogance and poise vs Mark Briscoe's blue collar grit and dawg in him.

It could create a moment so surreal to us that it could memorialize its waves in history, Mark's first World Title, against wrestling's most hated/loved prick.

But this is one man's opinion, and again I believe that it has to be done right, not tasteless. Most of us can agree, social media and appearance debacles aside, The Briscoes are one if not, up there with the greats.

This tragedy could evolve into history, but one again, it needs to be right, if AEW is thinking about it: Don't mess it up!

Reach for the Sky wrestling world.

RIP Jamin "Jay Briscoe" Pugh

January 25, 1984 - January 17, 2023

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