Becky Lynch vs. Bayley - The Feud Everyone Asked For, The Feud Nobody Cares About.

For years people have been asking for the feud between two of the "Four Horsewomen" that we never got, not even in NXT. Becky Lynch Vs. Bayley. Becky, who thrives as a babyface and Bayley who is way more comfortable as a heel. How can it go wrong?

As "Bad News" Barrett would say "I'm afraid I got some bad news!"

The truth is, this feud stinks. Becky, after a very awkward and confusing heel run is back being babyface. The problem? She's stuck somewhere between "Lasskicker" and "The Man" and it's just not working. She comes out of the crowd and calls herself "The Man of the People" and to be honest, it's kind of really bad. Becky is at her best as an anti-hero, a tweener that kicks ass. This shiny happy time Becky ain't it.

I don't even know where to start with Bayley and this whole Damage Control faction. Zero chemistry whatsoever. They don't interact with each other. They show up, do their own thing, then leave. It almost feels like they each have heat with each other.

Also, the whole story of this program is off. Damage Control just recently feuded with Bianca Belair. The issue was if Bianca could overcome the odds. She couldn't so she got help. Now Becky is feuding with Damage Control and it's just a boring rerun. You would think that Becky and Bayley, with their history, would be able to come up with a better story than 3-on-1 beatdowns every week. The promo's are missing the mark as well. It feels like their trying to "get real" but in the end, it just falls flat.

Having their match cut on RAW XXX is a symptom to how disappointing this feud has been. People have suggested this program be extended all the way to Wrestlemania since neither Becky or Bayley seem to have plans for the big show. I say ending the feud as quickly as possible is the true definition of "Damage Control."

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