How to split the WWE and Universal Championships

The "How? When? Who?" questions tied to dethroning Roman Reigns are nearly two and a half years old now, coinciding with his debut as the Tribal Chief. When he won the WWE championship 9 months ago, the questions became more complicated. The allure of a one-off match with the Rock, plus Roman's move into a part-time role further muddy the waters. Many ideas have been put forward, some emphasizing pragmatism, some emphasizing excitement/creativity. Funny enough, AEW found themselves in a somewhat similar situation during Kenny Omega's reign (the "who" was always Adam Page, but the manner and timing in which Kenny dropped the other belts was debatable). I've got many opinions on who, but for now I will focus strictly on the how, and how the belts get split (I don't think they should be split for the record, but will assume they have to be for this exercise).

When Roman loses, it needs to be a clean 1-2-3 in the middle of the ring. It needs to be a complete loss. If one belt is taken off of him in a multiman match in which he isn't pinned, or even if he does lose one belt but keeps another, the impact of the 2nd loss will be completely neutered by the first, and the first loss will be dismissed because it gives Roman an out. It has to be all at once. No split defenses on WM night one and night two either. There should be just one match to close night two, and Roman should lose there. Don't do a Brock/Roman 2018 thing where it gets strung out until SummerSlam.

The day after Wrestlemania is a new year, a time to reset. Maybe a new general manager shows up and institutes a new order that the belts must be defended separately. Maybe that authority figure claims that on a technicality the new champion actually only won one belt, so the other is now vacant (setting up another storyline). There are a ton of ways in which the guy AFTER Roman can be screwed out of one of the titles. But if Roman loses one, it's lessens the impact.

I'd have Sami leave the bloodline, the Usos get "hospitalized" in a defeat losing the tag team championships at WM rendering them unavailable, Solo Sikoa get arrested or somehow banned from the arena in another angle that night, and then find a way to have Heyman abandon Roman when he realizes Roman is on his own. Then have a killer match, no shenanigans, and Roman, maybe emotionally conveying doubt/readiness to relinquish his spot at the head of the table during the closing moments, lose clean.

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