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Friends of the Pugh family offer updates on Jay Briscoe’s daughters

Jamin Pugh’s life-long friends in Delaware continued to call for prayer. An online fundraiser for the family has almost reached its current goal with the help of a lot of big wrestling names.

ROH’s Twitter

Last night (Jan. 19), Josh Wharton streamed a video session live on Facebook. Wharton says he runs a non-profit in the Sussex County, Delaware community where Ring of Honor & independent wrestling legend Jamin “Jay Briscoe” Pugh lived, that his family & the Pughs have known each other for two generations, and that he’s been friends with Jamin & his brother Mark for 35 years.

Captioned “community prayer and update for the Pugh family”, the stream was conducted at the request of the Pughs, to take the burden of updating the community and Jamin’s fans around the world on the situation following the car accident on Tues., Jan. 17 that killed him & another driver, and left his two daughters hospitalized.

According to Wharton, the girls are “stable, but they both have a very long road of recovery ahead of them.”

  • The Pugh’s eldest daughter was unable to feel anything from the waist down upon arriving at the hospital. “She was diagnosed with an L2 dislocation and an L3 and L4 fracture in her back with compression on her spinal cord.” She was transported to another hospital for emergency surgery early Wednesday morning, which went well. She has regained sensation in her thighs, and on Thursday had “tingling in her feet on and off”. Overall, her condition was described as “a waiting game”.
  • The younger child underwent surgery for an “open tibia and fibula fracture” and now has external fixation device (e.g. pins) in her leg. She had a second operation after the medical team discovered she had a perforated bowel. A C7 break in her neck, an L3 & L4 fracture in her back, and a broken rib are all being treated non-surgically (with braces and other stabilizing devices).

Both are said to be in a lot of pain — the physical kind is being managed medicinally right now — and were hoping to get a good night’s sleep.

The family continues to ask for prayers, and Wharton’s set-up an online fundraiser to support them going forward. Thanks in large part to four and five figure donations from wrestling figures like Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, Adam Cole, The Young Bucks, Dax Harwood, and Jim Cornette, the drive is already close to its goal of raising $200,000.

Whether or not you can afford or choose to donate, please join us in keeping the Pughs in our hearts.

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