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FanTime shouts out Mandy Rose for a million dollar December


After Mandy Rose (aka Mandy Sacs, real name Amanda Saccomanno) unexpectedly dropped the NXT Women’s title on that WWE brand’s Dec. 13 episode, fans who were aware of her FanTime page immediately thought that might be why. Sure enough, when WWE released her the next day, we quickly heard those non-PG photos & video had prompted both decisions.

Much debate followed about whether Rose’s firing was justified, but one thing was very clear: WWE’s moves made sure that a while lot of people — including pretty much every online wrestling fan — knew about

Mandy’s agent told the media his client made $500K in the week after WWE cut her. He projected she’d make twice that before the end of the year. Now the subscription platform that hosts her site is congratulating her for doing just that... including a cheeky little reference to the title Rose gave up en route to becoming a millionaire.

The price of a subscription to Rose’s page fluctuated a bit during her time in the headlines, but has been set at $30 per month for the past couple weeks. Using that figure, looks like she sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 - 35K subs in December.

She probably won’t do that every month, but with 3.4 million Instagram followers to market too, she’d not gonna go broke any time soon either.

Good for Mandy. We’ll see if any other WWE Superstars follow her lead — and whether that leads to more releases, or the company better incentivizing talent to keep it clean on platforms like FanTime.

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