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Jay Briscoe’s daughters seriously injured in crash that took his life, wife asks for prayers

Ashley Pugh’s Facebook

Even as the wrestling world was mourning the unexpected, unbelievable loss of Jamin “Jay Briscoe” Pugh last night (Jan. 17), there were indications the tragedy extended beyond the death of the 38 year old Ring of Honor & independent wrestling legend.

Details remain limited about the auto accident that occurred in Laurel, Delaware around 5:30pm ET on Tuesday. In addition to Jay, the driver of another vehicle died. A report from the Shore News Beacon claimed the crash left “as many as 4 patients trapped”, and “two critical patients” were transported to the hospital, with one referred to as “pediatric.”

The Laurel School District cancelled all classes & activities for today while asking for prayers for the Pugh family. Chris Jericho also called for prayer, tweeting “trust me this is worse than you think.”

Now, a Facebook post from Jay’s widow Ashley is giving us a better indication of what that all means:

“We need prayers! Gracie is on her way into surgery on her back. Jamin would want the whole world praying for his little girl. WE BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF PRAYER!! Pray for the doctors and everyone working on her! Pray for her precious legs to move again! Pray for Jayleigh who has some pretty serious injuries, but is stable and resting! Pray for Gannon waiting at home! Pray for strength for all of us! We have a long long road ahead of us!”

Whatever your spiritual beliefs may or may not involve, please join the entire Cageside Seats community in keeping the Pughs, their friends & loved ones in your hearts today.

UPDATE: The Delaware State Police have issued a statement about their investigation into the crash. You can read more about that here.

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