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MLW Fusion recap: New era British Bulldogs debut, Lince Dorado wins title

MLW kicked off the Fightland footage with the debut of the new era British Bulldogs, Lince Dorado winning a title, and Cesar Duran (alias Dario Cueto) making power plays in episode 162 of Fusion.

Be aware that the episode starts with police drawing guns. I thought it was going to be a scene where cops arrest Cesar Duran, but it turned out to be a commercial for First Responders Coffee Company. That had me fooled and bewildered for a second.

New era British Bulldogs debut

Davey Boy Smith Jr. returned to MLW, and he brought family with him. Smith was joined by Thomas Billington and Mark Billington as the new era British Bulldogs. The Billingtons are nephews of Dynamite Kid. Thomas is 21 years old and the stockier of the two. Mark is 19 years old and on the lean, lanky side. Get a glimpse of the them as the British Bulldogs warmed up for the main event.

The story was Smith defending family honor to rescue the Opera Cup trophy, which was stolen by Alex Kane. Time for revenge. Ring the bell for trios action between the British Bulldogs and the Bomaye Fight Club.

It was a competitive bout leading to a hot tag for Davey Boy. The match broke down into a little bit of chaos. Mark low-bridged the top ropes to send Myron Reed and Kane packing then pounced for a moonsault to the outside.

The Billington Bulldogs closed with a suplex lift to Mr. Thomas as a hand-off to Davey Boy for a super powerslam off the turnbuckles. That sealed the deal. The Bulldogs won the battle, but the war will continue as Kane managed to escape with the Opera Cup still in his possession.

That was a productive introduction for the Billingtons. Being so young, they are obviously a work in progress. However, they moved smooth when it was time for the flashy sequences. Matt Striker had a good line to close the show, “Well, they say that a good fight is one that leaves them wanting more. This was a good fight. I want to see more out of the kids, I want to see more Davey Boy Smith Jr., I want to see more Major League Wrestling.” I echo those sentiments.

Lince Dorado wins MLW World Middleweight Championship

Lince Dorado was ready to bring Lucha Lit to Major League Wrestling by challenging Shun Skywalker for the MLW World Middleweight Championship.

The action was a chess match of strategy. For example, Skywalker faked a standing moonsault to dupe his opponent. Dorado took the bait to put his knees up, so Skywalker turned around to lock in a cloverleaf submission then lift for a flapjack slam. In another instance, Skywalker anticipated the 619 from Dorado. Skywalker ducked out and countered for a double underhook powerbomb.

In the climax, Dorado gained steam for a handspring cutter and flipping DDT. The luchador climbed the corner for a shooting star press to earn victory. Dorado dethroned Skywalker to win the MLW World Middleweight Championship.

This was a nifty bout with complementary wrestling styles. Dorado is a good fit for the MLW spotlight. He has the lucha libre appeal and swagger to match. The middleweight division should be in good hands with Dorado at the top. The appearances from Skywalker in MLW did its job. He provided fans with a glimpse at fresh talent from outside the promotion, shook things up with the upset of Myron Reed, and set up Dorado for success on his way out. There’s a good chance Skywalker also earned new fans to check out his work in DragonGate.

Cesar Duran making moves

After being fired as MLW matchmaker, Cesar Duran is taking matters into his own hands. El Jefe started the show with an announcement that he was staking out as a promoter with Azteca Lucha.

After Lince Dorado’s title win, Duran popped champagne in celebration. Even though Dorado was hesitant to take a sip, the ice has been broken for Duran to propose a deal.

Duran was seen wheeling and dealing later in the broadcast. He dropped in on the Bomaye Fight Club testing the waters for Azteca Lucha to host the Opera Cup tournament in Mexico. Got to love Duran shouting, “Bomaye!”

Duran even won an award for Booker of the Year. He used that time to announce his first signing. Welcome MLW women’s featherweight champion Taya Valkyrie to Duran’s stable of talent.

Duran’s business continues for the next episode of Fusion with Taya Valkyrie defending her MLW title against Trish Adora and the tease of signing a top Mexican headliner.

More Duran is always enjoyable as far as I’m concerned. I’m looking forward to seeing what MLW has in store for Duran’s future.

Share your thoughts on the debut of the new era British Bulldogs, Lince Dorado as MLW World Middleweight Championship, and Cesar Duran.

Fresh episodes of MLW Fusion air Thursdays at 8 pm ET streaming through Pro Wrestling TV.

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