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AEW Dynamite Preview (Sept. 28, 2022): It’s Saraya’s House

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All Elite Wrestling comes our way on Sept. 28 with Dynamite from Philadelphia’s Liacouras Center.

Last week, Chris Jericho insufferably became the ROH World Champion when he defeated Claudio Castagnoli. Still, we weren’t allowed to wallow for long because The Acclaimed also won their first AEW Tag Team Championships when they scissored their way to victory over Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland. Thank the gods (not the one Miro wants to kill) that we can all stop saying, “Swerve in our Glory.” MJF proved that hiring a stable on retainer was a good investment when W.Morrissey took care of his Wheeler Yuta problem. PAC blessedly remained the All-Atlantic Champion in his bout with Orange Cassidy. Toni Storm retained her interim Women’s Championship, but her celebration was cut short when Saraya blew everyone’s mind with her return to wrestling. And finally, Jon Moxley became the rightful AEW World Champion once again when he defeated his Blackpool Combat Club bro while making their wrestling dad proud.

This Week’s Headliner

Saraya is back, and that’s all I care about. To my knowledge, it’s still unclear whether she has been cleared to wrestle, but hot damn, it’s so good to see her back in a wrestling ring regardless. She said that Edge and Bryan inspired her, and I’m glad that that wasn’t just a tweet but that she followed through!

Now, what does this mean for the AEW women’s division? Unclear. This division has had quite a few “big name” stars come to AEW with a huge pop and a promise of greatness, only to fizzle out because Tony Khan is afraid of women. It could happen with Saraya too. But I don’t think so. She’s actually the biggest signee they’ve had in the division, and in terms of star power, she’s on another level. She had a flippin movie made about herself! And if that little tidbit we saw last week is anything to go by, it looks like it’ll be Saraya vs. Britt, AEW’s golden girl, and screen monopolizer, which means all Saraya all the time.

Can Saraya be the key to finally getting the AEW women’s division on track? Only time will tell.

The Title Scene

Moxley has been World Champion again for like 30 seconds, but he’s already got a lot on his plate. Tonight he wrestles New Japan’s Juice Robinson, and if Juice wins, he’ll get a title shot. Then he has to worry about MJF and his stable on retainer, and now he’s got number one contender Hangman Adam Page lurking in the stables! Plus, I know Bryan said he was fine losing to Jon Moxley, but is he?? How exactly is the dynamic in the BCC right now? And the man never got to go on vacation! It’s tough to be the champ.

Look, I’m very happy that Saraya is back and that Jon Moxley is champion once again, but the real celebration we need on our television screens is The Acclaimed scissoring and rapping about winning the Tag Team Championships! Do you think Billy Gunn shows up for that completely unnecessary and what I’m sure will be embarrassing DX celebration? If he does, I hope he scissors those old men when they try and too sweet him.

We’re on a fast track to The Best Friends versus Death Triangle for the Trios Championships, courtesy of the All-Atlantic Champion PAC doing some casual cheating in his match with Orange Cassidy. No complaints here. I’ll start the “fight forever” chant now.

The Interim Women’s World Champion Toni Storm will defend her title AGAIN (jeez give this woman a break) when she goes one-on-one against the woman who pinned her the other week, Serena Deeb. So like...shrug, I guess. Let’s be real they put this title match on the card so people wouldn’t complain that whatever is happening between Britt and Paige is upstaging the “champion.”

We all complained that the ROH World Championship didn’t get featured enough on AEW TV, and we all wondered what the hell is going on with ROH, so Tony Khan answered our complaints with a “haha, f*ck you!” and he gave the championship to Chris Jericho, a man who is definitely the GOAT but who doesn’t need a championship, like, ever again. But hey, at least Bandido will get some screen time when he loses to Jericho tonight. Silver linings.

What? Did you think that the original Baddest Bitch wasn’t going to align herself with the current BB? Come now, game recognizes game, and the TBS Champion has nothing but game! Genuinely think Jade should hold this title forever. Be the next Bruno Sammartino! Who cares!

IDK I’m kind of into the bro fest between the TNT Champion and the ROH Television Champion. Samoa Joe and Wardlow are like Wolverine & Deadpool, but not funny and way more scary. TOPICAL!

Good for HOOK for using his FTW Championship to help a celebrity have their moment. He’s a good egg that HOOK.

Other things to keep an eye on:

• Do you think they are ever going to pull the trigger on Jungle Boy and Christian Cage, or is this like purgatory for young Jack Perry?

• I hope we get to see Eddie Kingston choke out more annoying twinks. I’ll pay extra for it!

• I suppose we’ll get another art film from Darby and Sting. We always seem to.


Tune into AEW on TBS at 8pm E.T. — and join us in our live blog — to see how all this plays out.

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