The Nightly: September 21st, 2022

Hello Nightly!!!

Tonight it’s a double header as we take a look at the January 10th, 2000 episodes of both Raw and Nitro.

On Raw, there was nearly a mass walk out as the entire roster threatened to walk out and join the WRF (World Rock Federation) unless Mankind was reinstated and the various gimmick matches were stopped. DX were also forced to fight each other, including the Outlaws against one another, and Triple H vs. X-Pac. Mankind would also torment Mideonkind for most of the night. The main event saw Rock n Sock Connection and the Acolytes face off against DX, with Triple H and Mankind having a bloody brawl, which was the catalyst on SmackDown to bring back none other than Cactus Jack as Triple H’s opponent for Royal Rumble.

Over on Nitro, Terry Funk gets revenge on NWO 2000, as Bret and Nash face off against each other in the main event, which would turn out to be Bret’s last match as a full time wrestler, as he would retire in October and would vacate the title after being officially diagnosed with severe post concussion syndrome. Not only that, Jeff Jarrett also gets injured during the show, as he faces George Steele in a Bunkhouse Brawl, Tito Santana in a Dungeon Rules match, and Jimmy Snuka in a Caged Heat match, where both Snuka and Benoit dive down onto Jarrett from the very top of the cage. The night would end with Nash being branded with fire by Commissioner Terry Funk, in which was honestly a cool visual, and Nash sells it like hell too.

On to the Nightly.

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