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There’s never a bad reason to watch these punches

Apparently Sept. 20, 2022, is National Punch Day. I have no idea what that is or what it’s about and won’t be doing any research on the matter. Instead, I will take the opportunity to post this video WWE put on the timeline and enjoy two of the punches included in said video:

Believe it or not, there was a time when WWE was desperate to make Roman Reigns cool in any way they could, with the guy in charge at the time (ahem) having no idea how to effectively pull that off. One of the few times they did so was the first punch you see in the video, where The Miz is going on and on and Reigns just rocks him with a clean right hand.

He doesn’t even stand up after, he just watches Miz flail about until he rests on the floor outside the ring. It was money.

Even better was the punch Triple H lands on an unsuspecting Kurt Angle, who was in the process of a deep sigh because he was about as stressed as a man could be at the time, what with holding the awful position of Raw General Manager. It’s so good because it gave us this immortal photograph, one I was entirely willing to call the greatest of all time when it happened in 2018:

Too good.

This has been your graveyard shift blog for the evening. Hope you’re having a good night out there, Cagesiders.

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