A WarGames Stipulation Is Just What The Survivor Series Needs


When Triple H announced that this year's Survivor Series PLE would feature the WarGames stipulation, the new stipulation will no doubt refresh the stale and boring Survivor Series multi-person tag team elimination match that has been the main selling point of the Survivor Series event for much of its 36-year existence. However, the Survivor Series match was undoubtedly a product of the Vince McMahon Era and needed a change of pace.

Enter the WarGames match. Created by the late, great Dusty Rhodes, the match featured generally two multi-man teams that took place inside a steel cage where the object was to eliminate all members of the opposing team. It was a mainstay at WCW for many years.

In 2017, the WarGames concept was brought back to NXT where it was originally reserved only for men until 2019 when a women's WarGames match took place for the first time. These days, fans would be very upset should there only be a men's WarGames match and no women's WarGames match.

The WarGames match will no doubt rejuvenate the Survivor Series event as it may very well be just what the doctor needed.

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