Should Main Event Jey Uso win the Royal Rumble?

I love the Bloodline, I love Roman Reigns as the undisputed champion (even as a part timer), and I think there is still mileage left. Little changes, such as Roman eventually helping the Usos, then treating them like people he actually likes in backstage segments, then adding Sami and Solo Sikoa have helped keep things fresh to me. But eventually Roman is going to have to lose, the Bloodline will have to break up, and if done well it could be a magnificent moment in WWE history. At different points, I've thought guys like Damian Priest, Karrion Kross, Cody Rhodes, or Bronn Breaker could possibly be the guy. I think the best choice is Gunther. But a part of me believes it would be exciting and bring things full circle to see Main Event Jey Uso become the surprise winner of the Royal Rumble and, assuming the match with the Rock does NOT happen, beat Roman for the titles, possibly with some help from Jimmy to counter any heel cheating Roman would try to pull, and have an extremely brief run - 1 month or so. Maybe they split the belts later (I don't think they should, I don't like the brand split), maybe Roman takes a few months off, who knows? But it could be a really satisfying conclusion. Elevating Gunther is the right call in my mind, since I think Jey and Jimmy work best as a team, but as an alternative seeing Jey get a Kofimania type moment would be great.

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