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CMLL 89th Anniversary highlights: Stuka Jr. and Reyna Isis lose masks

CMLL held their biggest event of the year on Friday night (Sept. 16, 2022) with the 89th Anniversary show. Masks, the Independence Cup, and the national trios title were up for grabs.

Pomp and circumstance were in full effect.

The main event attraction was a tag team eliminator comprised of rival partners fighting to advance to a mask versus mask or hair versus hair finale. The teams were:

  • Atlantis & Fuerza Guerrera
  • Averno & Ultimo Guerrero
  • Atlantis Jr. & Stuka Jr.
  • Soberano Jr. & Dragon Rojo Jr.

Atlantis Jr. and Stuka Jr. worked together well enough to earn passage to the final.

Atlantis Jr. started the mask versus mask duel by running down the entrance ramp for a leaping crossbody over the ropes onto Stuka Jr. inside the ring. The action spilled outside with high-flying moves and brawling through the crowd. Atlantis Jr. connected on the same crossbody spot, but Stuka Jr. rolled over upon impact for a pin attempt. Atlantis Jr. kicked out to resume the action.

Atlantis Jr. gained momentum for a monkey flip and Mexican Destroyer. Stuka Jr. rallied with a flying splash onto the ramp. Stuka Jr. was close to victory after dodging a suicide dive, hitting a brainbuster, and landing a flying splash, but Atlantis Jr. kicked out on the cover. Stuka Jr. executed another flying splash. Atlantis Jr. rolled it over for a sneaky pin. Kick out by Stuka Jr. Those near falls had the crowd rowdy. In the end, Atlantis Jr. caught Stuka Jr. for La Atlantida torture rack submission to win.

Stuka Jr. unmasked. His real name is Omar Alvarado Garcia from Gomez Palacio, Durango with 48 years of age.

Enjoy the jamming highlights from Atlantis Jr. versus Stuka Jr. The crowd was at a fever pitch toward the finish.

That wasn’t the only mask versus mask contest on the card. La Jarochita and Reyna Isis did battle in the women’s division with masks on the line. The Amazonas put on a show with aggressive action. Jarochita dove from the upper stage for a flying crossbody down below. Isis hit a controversial tombstone piledriver, which is a move often banned from lucha libre competition. Jarochita persevered to rally for a running boot in the corner to win.

Reyna Isis unmasked. Her real name is Yaksiry Palacios with 29 years of age.

Check out the hectic highlights for the women’s mask versus mask contest.

Mistico, Volador Jr., and Angel de Oro competed in La Copa Independencia tournament final. The action was full-speed ahead. After all three took Mexican Destroyers, Angel was shoved into the referee. Mistico locked in his whirling armbar finisher on Volador. Angel came over to steal Mistico’s mask and help Volador get top position for a roll-up. Angel got the referee’s attention to make the count without knowing the circumstances. Mistico was eliminated. As Volador celebrated, Angel pounced for a pendulum submission for ultimate victory. Angel held the trophy high in jubilation.

Watch the wild highlights for La Copa Independencia.

In other results on the card, Dulce Gardenia, Rey Cometa, & Espiritu Negro successfully defended the Mexican National Trios Championship against Guerrero Maya Jr., Stigma, & Arkalis. Hechicero, Euforia, & Mephisto defeated Negro Casas, Titan, & Star Jr. in a trios bout.

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

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