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Someone teach BillsMafia how to sell

The Buffalo Bills are legitimate Super Bowl contenders this year, which means the fan base is as rowdy as ever. That’s saying a lot, considering said fan base, many of whom refer to themselves as “BillsMafia,” is full of mad lads. You’re probably wondering what the hell this has to do with pro wrestling.

You see, one of the things BillsMafia is famous for is going full pro wrestling at tailgate parties. While scrolling the timeline earlier this evening, I came across this gem:

It needs to be said right away that you, dear reader, should absolutely not be doing this, whether you’re a Bills fan or not.

Having said that, holy shit! What a vicious powerbomb! It looks like you could break your damn back on the table they break with that slam! Sure enough, the guy in the Josh Allen jersey is laid out and then… just hops right up to celebrate?!?

Someone teach that kid how to sell! He’ll never get anybody over but himself if this is how he’s gonna play it.

This has been your graveyard shift blog for the evening. Hope you’re having a good night out there, Cagesiders.

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