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CMLL bringing in Lady Frost & joshi wrestlers for Women’s International Gran Prix

CMLL is using the month of October to honor women’s wrestling. The first three Fridays will be dedicated to a tournament of champions to crown the Campeonato Universal de Amazonas. The Women’s International Gran Prix will be the feature bout for the final Friday on October 28, and CMLL is bringing in an interesting mix of talent for that contest.

The concept of the International Gran Prix is a tornero cibernetico with a team of Mexicans against a team from the rest of the world. CMLL invited familiar names for viewers of Impact, ROH, AEW, and joshi wrestling.

The international team includes:

  • Lady Frost
  • Stephanie Vaquer
  • Tae Honma
  • Hikari Shimizu
  • Alex Gracia
  • Mei Suruga
  • Avispa Dorada

Lady Frost had a short stint with Impact before requesting her release, which has reportedly yet to be granted. Mei Suruga competed in a handful of matches for AEW and is a former tag champ for Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling. Alex Gracia appeared in several matches for AEW on Dark and Elevation as well as wrestling a few times in ROH. Tae Honma won the Triangle Ribbon Championship in Ice Ribbon in Japan. Honma has experience visiting CMLL for matches in 2019. Hikari Shimizu held tag titles in Ice Ribbon and Pro Wrestling Wave in Japan. Stephanie Vaquer and Avispa Dorada are current CMLL luchadoras.

The wrestlers representing Mexico include:

  • Dark Silueta
  • Dalys
  • La Jarochita
  • Reyna Isis
  • Lluvia
  • Marcela
  • Princesa Sugehit

Dark Silueta is a previous Gran Prix winner for the inaugural women’s contest in 2021. She also is the current Mexican national women’s champion. Marcela is the most decorated veteran for the team as a five-time women’s world champion holding the belt for a cumulative 2,343 days. Dalys is a one-time world champ with her reign lasting 983 days. It’s interesting to note that Dalys is representing Mexico this year, even though, she hails from Panama. Princesa Sugehit is the current world title holder running at 692 days and counting. La Jarochita and Lluvia are current women’s national tag champs. Reyna Isis is a former Mexican national women’s champ.

These shows for October will likely be available for live streaming through Ticketmaster and will probably be posted a few weeks later for free consumption on CMLL’s YouTube channel.

Who stands out most for you from the international squad?

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