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Random Promo Generator: Kevin Nash

When I typed “Kevin Nash promo” into the YouTube search engine, the second result was this absolute masterpiece, which just so happens to be one of my favorite promos from my favorite promotion during my favorite time in pro wrestling history:

Kevin Nash absolutely ruled back then. That right there is a guy who both doesn’t care at all and cares way too much. It’s one of those infamous SHOOT promos that young me just thought sounded cool cause he got all mean looking and said “you don’t give respect, you don’t get respect, you better beat respect out of me, boys.”

Let’s just go ahead and ignore him referring to himself as one of the “young lions” whose turn it was to shine, considering he was probably 38-years-old when he cut this promo. Again, young me didn’t care about that kind of thing. In many ways, I long for the simplicity of being entirely satisfied with something like this based solely on my own belief that he looked/sounded cool.

This has been your graveyard shift blog for the evening. Hope you’re having a good night out there, Cagesiders.

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