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NWA Roundup: Taya Valkyrie #1 contender, Kamille title defense draw, more!

Let’s check in on the National Wrestling Alliance. It was a busy week with Taya Valkyrie earning #1 contender status, Kamille defending the NWA Women’s World Championship in a draw, EC3 explaining his narrative, Aron Stevens announcing a new managerial group, Homicide defending the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship, and qualifying bouts for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship #1 contender tournament.

The latest edition of NWA Powerrr (S10E2) was one of the more interesting episodes in recent memory.

The show began with a women’s #1 contender bout between Taya Valkyrie, Chelsea Green, KiLynn King, and Jennacide. The four-way action paired off for the finish. King and Jennacide brawled outside and landed simultaneous head kicks knocking both women silly. Inside the ring, Taya escaped an Unprettier to counter for the Road to Valhalla finisher for victory. Taya will advance to Hard Times 3 on November 12 for her title shot at the NWA Women’s World Championship, presumably against Kamille if she is still champion.

There is no guarantee that Kamille will be holding the Burke in her hands by Hard Times 3. She was taken to the limit by Allysin Kay in a time-limit draw on Powerrr. The title bout was scheduled for ten minutes maximum. Kamille had momentum early, but she rammed into the ring post when Kay dodged a spear. Kay worked the shoulder. Kamille rallied with power moves, but Kay always had the answer to regain control. With one minute to go, both were throwing blows in the center of the ring as time expired. Kamille issued a handshake out of respect for the draw. That was a quality appetizer that demands round two as a main course. I wouldn’t say either fighter was close to defeat, but I would probably judge Kay as the slight winner on the scorecards.

EC3 made his Powerrr in-ring debut and took care of business against Deonte Marshall. The One Percenter headlock driver paved the road for the Purpose arm triangle submission to win. EC3 cut a promo with his CYN fellows doing a boy band dance routine. They are not here for an invasion. They are not conquerors. EC3’s crew are liberators of the mind, body, and spirit. They all had demons to overcome by making a decision to Control Your Narrative. EC3 knows Thom Latimer can be a top talent, but Latimer must go through a level of hell to overcome his demons. Latimer does not have control or freedom at the moment. Until Latimer goes deep to confront his inner darkness, he won’t have purpose either.

In other action, Flip Gordon defeated Doug Williams in the main event. Near falls were exchanged down the stretch. Gordon was able to gain the upper hand for a springboard stunner in the end. Entertaining match for the Powerrr style. Odinson rushed the ring to blind Gordon after the bell. Nick Aldis had been observing the contest ringside and entered to clothesline Odinson out of the ring.

On the promo tip, Aron Stevens announced Black Glove Management as his newest endeavor. He isn’t retired from the business. He is rewired as a manager and here to give back. His interview had a smarmy heel slant to it. For the Cardona family, Matt Cardona questioned if worlds champ Trevor Murdoch is afraid. Why else would he attack Cardona from behind last week? Murdoch never beat Cardona to win the Ten Pounds of Gold.

The latest episode of NWA USA (S4E2) featured another dose of qualifying bouts for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship #1 contender tournament.

Brian Myers defeated Mike Bennett in the main event. Myers controlled the pace until Bennett rallied for a drop toehold to hammerlock. Bennett scored a DDT and DVD, but Myers had the last laugh by leapfrogging a spear for a sunset flip pin to win clean. The other qualifier saw Judais force Mercurio to make the ugly face. The Italian fashion model brought the fight to his larger opponent, but Judais’ power was too much in the end to win via chokeslam. There’s no official criteria yet for this tournament, however, it is safe to assume Myers and Judais were earn a ticket after their victories.

In other action, Homicide retained the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship against Eric Jackson. The challenger was tough, and that caused Homicide to embrace his heel tendencies for an edge. When Jackson missed a flying dropkick, Homicide pounced for a Boston crab submission to win. The champ refused to release the hold after the bell to cement his heel turn in the NWA.

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