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Braun Strowman & Wardlow did their little turns on the catwalk

Michael Anthony Photography on Facebook

It’s not quite as exciting, because they both seem to be on good terms with their employers so we can’t look for signs about what their appearances on a fashion show runway mean for their pro wrestling future. And while Sasha Banks & Naomi were walking in one of the fashion capitals of the world, New York City, Braun Strowman & Wardlow strutted their stuff in Pittsburgh (I love my hometown a lot, but no one’s ever confused it for Paris).

Still, the recently returned WWE Superstar and the reigning AEW TNT champion looked good on the catwalk for David Allen Clothing’s 5th Annual Celebrity Fashion Show this past weekend:

He was there to show off a custom suit from John Cena’s personal designer, but while we didn’t get a Powerbomb Symphony, Wardlow did go with a familiar look before he was done. Guess you could say he & Braun were too sexy for their shirts...

If Mr. Mayhem had wanted to powerbomb some folks, two of his favorite targets were doing the modeling thing with Strowman & him on Sat., Sept. 10 in the ‘Burgh...

Look at Smart Mark Sterling with his own Shinsuke Nakamura-esque accompaniment!

Good guy Dean “Mojo Rawley” Muhtadi was there, too. He was ready to scoop slam Allen himself — probably beef over Muhtadi ripping the sleeves off his Maryland-themed suit:

Michael Anthony Photography on Facebook

Seems like a fun day all around. Good looking dudes wearing nice threads for some good causes (the show raised money for Cuddle for Kids and Steel City Impact).

Think any of these meaty men have a future as fashion models?

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