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Vampiro announces retirement date from wrestling

Vampiro has had ups and downs the last few years in life. Converting to a healthier lifestyle has helped his struggles with Alzheimer’s. Vampiro worked hard to get into good shape for a return to the ring with AAA earlier this year at Triplemania XXX Chapter 2.

At 55 years of age, Vampiro has turned his eye toward retirement from professional wrestling by announcing an official date to call it quits. He is gearing up for a tour of signings, special appearances, and a few more matches to finish his career. Vampiro announced his goodbye to wrestling for December 2024.

Vampiro wrote the following message:


​My family , all of you , I am so so happy to announce I am starting to finally say good bye to being active in the ring.

I have a plan, I have spoken with AAA, and we are in agreement that this is the best way to start to prepare for this..

Before my time is 100% absorbed with the radio, tv and music projects, and the touring as a musician and a dj ...

I have been really applying myself to the gym, and I am in fantastic shape, and I can finally be in the right place mentally to say good bye correctly to my beloved lucha libre.

I can do certain things still, I am limited because of my health, but, I can still give the best performance of the night every single time!!

I am available for homonajes, signing, convivencias...and some matches.

Have a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE RIGHT NOW, I am a World Heavy Weight Champion, and I would be happy to defend it against your top guy.

I can help produce your event, and because of my radio show and my strong support on social media, I will help you as much as possible with all promotion.

If you want to have me on your event, contact me directly

I will be happy to find a possibility to work with you .

Thank you , and , I hope I get the opportunity to say good bye to your people , my people...

The December 2024 date was mentioned in the Spanish version of the message. I believe the world title Vampiro references is the JCW (Juggalo Championship Wrestling) Heavyweight Championship.

Best of luck to Vampiro on his retirement tour.

Which rivals would you like to see Vampiro clash with one more time in the wrestling ring?

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