The Nightly: August 9th, 2022

Hello Nightly!!!

Tonight we take a look at the August 16th, 1999 episode of WWF Raw Is War/War Zone.

The main crux of this episode revolves around the main event of Summerslam, which wasn’t etched in stone until the very end of the show. Keep in mind that this was the go home show for Summerslam. It went from Chyna being the number 1 contender, to a returning Mankind being the number 1 contender, to both Mankind and Triple H being the number 1 contenders after a draw finish in the main event. This was all just really confusing and so convoluted. Elsewhere on the show, we had more of the Rock ethering Billy Gunn on the mic, including the reveal that it was the Rock that was responsible for Billy Gunn developing a rash on his ass thanks to the People’s poison Ivy. This was a real storyline development. And we also had Jericho interrupting a bizarre Undertaker promo, and this promo got him legit Heat due to him basically calling Undertaker boring.

On to the Nightly.

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