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Claudio Castagnoli & Konosuke Takeshita deliver at AEW Battle of the Belts III

AEW poured on the hype to promote Claudio Castagnoli versus Konosuke Takeshita in the main event of Battle of the Belts III. Both wrestlers lived up to expectations to deliver an excellent match for the ROH World Championship.

Claudio and Takeshita didn’t waste any time for an energetic stalemate right as the opening bell rang.

It wouldn’t be a Claudio match without the beautiful giant swing.

Claudio worked the lower back to much success, but Takeshita’s fighting spirit could not be extinguished so easily. Takeshita exploded for German suplexes, and Claudio answered with heavy lariats.

Takeshita had two chances at victory on near pinfalls. The first was on a jumping knee strike and brainbuster combo. The second came on a hurricanrana counter out of a Ricola Bomb lift.

Claudio dug deep to display a champion’s mettle by catching Takeshita in the air on a jumping knee to counter for a Death Valley Driver in an awesome highlight.

Takeshita still had more juice left, so Claudio squeezed it out of him with a springboard uppercut, lariat, hammering elbows, and a Ricola Bomb to finish.

Claudio remains ROH world champion, and Takeshita adds another outstanding performance in AEW to his résumé to position himself as a future star.

How do you rate the ROH World Championship bout between Claudio Castagnoli and Konosuke Takeshita?

Get the full results of Battle of the Belts III here.

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