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Matt Cardona to return from injury sooner than expected

Matt Cardona is back! Or at least, he’s scheduled to be back very soon. Cardona suffered a torn bicep injury on May 28, underwent surgery, and now his return match is booked for the NWA.

The NWA announced that Cardona will wrestle at Night 1 of the 74th Anniversary show on August 27. Cardona was granted the opportunity to handpick his opponent.

For an injury that would sideline a mere mortal years, Cardona is returning with only a three-month absence. That man is a miracle of modern science. Woo woo woo, you know it.

Seriously though, the window of recovery for a torn bicep is five to six months, so Cardona is coming back on the early side. And we have to consider that this match could be a promotional ploy to get his name back in the news as he wrestles a chump of his choice. That would buy Cardona extra time to regain peak form in his quest to win back the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship that he never lost. Billy Corgan forced Cardona to relinquish the Ten Pounds of Gold so the show could go on at the Alwayz Ready PPV back in June.

Cardona already got a bump under his belt taking a Diamond Cutter from DDP in a surprise appearance at Ric Flair’s Last Match last week.

If Cardona chooses to make the NWA match personal, one candidate would be the man who injured him in the first place at a GCW show. Bring on Blake Christian.

If Cardona really wants to upset the apple cart, he could go after Trevor Murdoch. The worlds champ is scheduled to wrestle Tyrus in a main event title fight at Night 2 of the 74th Anniversary on August 28. That means Murdoch’s dance card is wide open on Night 1 for Cardona to come calling.

Who do you hope Cardona selects as his opponent at NWA 74?

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